Career S.O.S.
This page shares proven Career Secrets of Success (S.O.S.)

Here, you will be given career tools that will show you how others have succeeded. The concepts are simple, but the discipline to practice them, is how one will obtain victory.

So no longer sit and wonder, "Why not me?". Instead, say, " This is the new me.

I am successful. I have discovered my Career, and it does have PURPOSE".

We offer easy to follow Train-The-Trainer modules and Adult Power Hour workshops. Below is a sampling. We can tailor a career related topic to meet your needs!

1. Assessing Your Potential
2. Don't Let Them Burst Your Bubble (Self Esteem)
3. Just Wishing Won't Make It Happen - Goal Setting
4. Mentoring for Power
5. Networking Works
6. Writing It Right (Resumes)
7. Surf Searching (Job Hunting Resources)
8. I Am What I Say- Ace That Interview
9. Work Your Work (Work Place Skills)
10. Market Yourself- Career Portfolios

11. Making The Move Up (Career Advancement)
12. Barriers To Career Success
13. Transitioning into a Federal Career and
      Surviving One
14. Work Place Etiquette
15. Career Ready with a Disability?
16. Diversity is a Gift
17. Interview Jitters Be Gone

Youth, Empowered & Strong - Y.E.S. (Ages 10-18)

These courses will be thought provoking and entertaining:
  • Why Are You Here and Where Are You Going?
  • Market Yourself - Create The Right Product
  • Money Isn't Everything - Volunteer Experience
  • On The Right Path? Mentor Power
  • Money and Time Management - Don't Waste Them
  • You Can Make It Happen - Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Being Nice Gets You More - Social Etiquette
  • What Kind of Worker Will You Be? -Work Ethics
  • Birds of a Feather, Flocking To Go Where?
  • Zero Tolerance - Understanding Bullying

Our youth are Polished Diamonds in the Rough

Desiring Career Success will mean hard work on your part.
Let CWAP4U show you how to begin. Finish the race with pride and confidence.

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